-Private lessons will be permitted with applicable social distancing (6ft) observed
-Hand sanitizer will be provided and used prior to entry to the field by both the coach and athlete
-Balls and training equipment will be fully disinfected before and after every lesson
-When weather permits, bay doors will be left open
-Only bring equipment that will be used during your session. No unnecessary bags or backpacks will be permitted
-Equipment rentals (helmet, bats, gloves, etc.) are discontinued at this time. Please bring all of your necessary equipment to all practices, sessions
-Covid-19 health assessment/waiver must be completed prior to entry onto the field  
-Outdoor lessons available, same restrictions apply
-If you are showing any signs/symptoms of Covid-19, you will not be permitted entry into Swanny's facility. Please call ahead and cancel your session if you believe you are ill

These restrictions will remain in effect until further direction from the Alberta government and are subject to change according to AHS regulations.